How to Use The NEC for Texas electrical Exam Online Exam Preparation 30 Day Access

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Looking to take the Texas Journeyman electrician exam soon?
Don’t know where to start studying?
Look no further!
In this course we will go over the 2017 National Electrical Code, and how it is laid out.
We will teach you on how to solve many of the types of questions you will see on your exam and what to expect going into the exam, including how the testing center computer will be laid out and how to use it!

This course will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete and will include 10 sample questions and how to solve them.



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This is an online electrical exam preparation video course to help pass your Texas Journeyman or Texas Master Electrician Exam!

What references are used in this course?

  1. 2017 National Electrical Code
What should I study before class?
    • We will show you what to study in this course! We will be going over how the National electrical Code is laid out, and how to maneuver through the National Electrical Code and how to study the National Electrical Code!
Why should I take this class instead of your competitor’s?
    • Passing the Texas electrical exam is a difficult task. We have decades of experience teaching electrical exam preparation classes and Many of our competitors still teach using the same methods they used 15 years ago. Exams have changed and our teaching style and methods have changed with them. Let us help you pass your exam on the first try!
What topics are covered in this course?
    • This course will cover many topics to help you pass that exam! We will cover how the National Electrical is laid out and how to maneuver through it. We will show you what the testing computer will look like and how to use it. We will show you what your test will look like and what kind of questions to expect on your exam. We will go over 10 different sample questions with you during this course and break them down with you and teach you how to solve them.
I don’t have any books. Where can I purchase them?
  • We can help with that too. has partnered with to help you get access to all of the books you might need. Just CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE BOOKS!