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Are you looking to take that next step and get your West Virginia electrical journeyman or master license? We can help! Our exam preparation courses will help you pass your electrical exam the first time. We have helped thousands of electricians all across the country pass their exam. All of our courses come with fully narrated, guided step by step videos that explain every topic on your exam. From how to navigate the National Electrical Code, Ohm's Law, Load Calculations and more.
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What is included?

“Very informative, really helped me to break down the code book into usable information”
- Victor, Austin Texas
Topics covered!


How to use the National Electrical Code

This course will explain how to use the NEC for your exam, and we teach you how to use it in a timely manner! It will include a step by step explanation for 10 different questions!


How to use the Index!

How to use the Table of Contents

How to solve questions quickly!

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Ohm's Law

Need help understanding the Ohm's Law wheel? this course will go over every calculation on the Ohm's Law wheel and how to use it!


How to use the Ohm's Law Wheel

How to use the PIE and EAR Triangles

How to solve 1Ø and 3Ø calculations

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Load Calculations

This course will cover everything you need to know to understand and solve any kind of Load calculation you will see on your exam.
We will be going over 65 different calculations!


How to use Table 220.12

Understanding Article 220

How to solve 1Ø and 3Ø Load calculations

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